BRC Weldfence is BRC’s proprietary fencing system. It is durable, easily installed and can be customised to the preferences of our customers, making it an ideal choice for those looking to have a practical and aesthetically pleasing fencing solution. BRC Weldfence has the following advantages:


The fence is manufactured from high tensile strength steel wires welded together by electrical fusion to ensure accurate panel and mesh dimensions. The fencing system is able to retain its shape and strength for many years as it is pre-welded. The panels and fencing posts are either hot-dip galvanised or polyester powder coated, adding to the durability of the fence and require minimal maintenance.

Easy to Install

The fence is rolled at the top and bottom which makes each individual panel perfectly rigid and eliminates the need for tensioning. The posts are also pre-drilled and ready for assembly on site.


Panels can be replaced individually and can be customised to various standard heights and different widths per project equirements.

Please refer to our BRC Weldfence Brochure for further details.