Who We Are

BRC Asia has a proud heritage of providing steel reinforcement solutions that dates all the way back to the turn of the 20th century in Britain. Building from strength to strength, and accumulating industry know-how along the way, we have forged our way to become the leading steel prefabrication solutions provider in Singapore.

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Pioneering Solutions that Sustain Progress & Profitability

Competitive Advantages

Partnerships. Understanding. Value Creation.

As the largest prefabricated steel reinforcement company in Singapore, the importance that we place on customer relationships cannot be overstated.

Our philosophy, which is based firmly on Partnerships, Understanding and Value Creation is what drives us to continually come up with new and innovative solutions that in turn enable our customers to reach greater heights.

The following are some of the hallmark features of BRC Asia:

Just-in-Time Delivery
24-hour Express Service for Cut-and-Bend Services
* Subject to a small charge and availability
Customer-centric Culture
Full Suite of Prefabricated Reinforcing Solutions
Competent and Innovative Technical Team

Brand Messaging

Build Better
Fully-automated factory controlled conditions for prefabrication to exact specifications ensures consistent spacing, greater accuracy and rigidity. This delivers a superior quality and more dependable reinforcement solution.
Build Faster
Elements are easily laid into moulds for immediate casting, decreasing the dependence on steel fixers and reducing installation time. A single-hoist installation, without extensive props, lowers dependency on cranage and allows for same-day casting.
Build Cheaper
Reducing reinforcing work and the slab casting cycle shortens the construction cycle and project duration. Reduced manpower requirements, a lower number of workers required for installation on site delivers cost savings.
Build Safer
Improved health and safety on site from reduced accidents and incidents and lower noise and dust pollution. Reduces the risk of injuries, fatalities and potential hazards from on-site fabrication.
Build Smarter
Customised and innovative prefabrication solutions manufactured by state-of-the-art machinery and supported by a unique IT-system and a robust tech / engineering team.
Build Surer
A customer-centric service culture, with options for express service, and a proactive management approach to customer needs and issue resolution and a robust tech / engineering team.


Spearheading our mission to build better is a committed leadership team that is made up of our Board of Directors and Key Executive team.

Get in touch with us for all sales and investor-related enquiries today.