Cut and Bend

Resource Maximisation

Enabling builders to build smarter with our just-in-time service model.

Building Leaner

As we strive to operate in an increasingly resource-limited environment, our cut and bend service is the answer for progressive builders who want to maximise their efficiency.

By delivering the cut and bend bars in the required shape, size and quantity, builders are able to better plan their use of site space (reduce the need for onsite storage) and worker deployment.

Cut and Bend Services
Lesser Downtime

Even as we contribute to playing an important part in developing vital buildings and infrastructure, we remain conscious that the materials we work with are finite.

To ensure that we leave behind a better world for future generations, we are constantly striving, through efficient manufacturing practices, to consume less resources, minimise industrial pollution, and reduce materials wastage.

One of the contributing factors to construction and project delays is the weather.

Our cut and bend services, however, are conducted in controlled and sheltered environments, which allow us to work around the clock.

By choosing to use our cut and bend service, you will be able to minimise your reliance on chance when it comes to production timelines.

Quality & Engineering Excellence

Meeting International Standards

All our cut and bend services conform to BS 8666:2005 – British Standard for scheduling, dimensioning, bending and cutting of steel reinforcement for concrete.

Our Facilities & Capabilities

BS 8666:2005 – British Standard
Scheduling, dimensioning, bending and cutting of steel reinforcement for concrete.

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