BRC Weldfence

Proprietary Fencing System

BRC’s proprietary fencing system is as much practical as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Strength and Durability

BRC Weldfence is the resulting product of high tensile steel strength wires that have been fused together using an advanced electrical fusion process. This process ensures that the fence is able to meet the exacting panel and mesh dimensions required of each project.

One distinct advantage of our pre-welded BRC Weldfences is its ability to retain its shape and strength for a much longer time as compared to traditional fences. Furthermore, all of our panels and fencing posts are hot-dip galvanised or polyester powder coated, making it virtually maintenance-free.

Ease of Installation
Customisable to Any Need

One of the biggest advantages of a prefabricated fencing system such as BRC Weldfence is its ease of installation. In our case, because the fence is rolled at the top and bottom, each individual panel comes perfectly rigid, with no additional tensioning required.

The posts are also pre-drilled and ready for immediate assembly on site.

Various Deployments of our BRC Weldfence 

As testament to the strength, security and aesthetic properties of our BRC Weldfence is its extensive use across a wide range of facilities all over the island. Just some of the places that you will see our fencing solutions include military camps, data centres and airports.


Each of the individual panels of a BRC Weldfence are customisable to a variety of heights as per the project’s requirements. We also offer customisable gates to match with the chosen fencing system.

In addition, our fencing system also provides users with options for interfacing with existing perimeter features such as retaining walls.

Lastly, the panels are also easily replaceable should the need arise.

Find out how your business can benefit from our tailored reinforcement solutions.