Time Saver

Proven to significantly improve steel fixing productivity.

Maximum Efficiency

In projects where time is especially critical, cages can help to significantly reduce construction time on-site. As an alternative to working on stirrups and links to form beams and columns during construction, we can assist to further bend mesh into prefabricated cages that are manufactured to your exact specifications in our factories.

Eco Awareness
Highly Personalised Service

A big positive of steel prefabrication is its environmental friendliness. As opposed to onsite fabrication, which often generates waste from excess material, production in a controlled environment allows us to use only the exact amount of materials required.

Minimising material wastage not only helps save costs, but also contributes to reduced environmental pollution resulting from the production and transportation of steel products from the mills and all along the supply chain.

By working with BRC, you not only get all the advantages of prefabrication, but you also benefit from the experience and advice of our engineering and technical team.

As part of our commitment to service excellence, we will sit down together with your team to understand your requirements, and offer solutions that best fit the conditions and specifications of the site and project. Often times, customers find themselves pleasantly surprised by our solutions, which they may not have considered.

Find out how your business can benefit from our tailored reinforcement solutions.