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Delivering Big, While Staying Personal

As the largest reinforcement steel solutions provider in Singapore, with manufacturing and storage facilities spanning over 150,000m2, we are able to deliver unprecedented speed and value to all of our customers. At the same time, however, we also endeavour to maintain a level of service that’s both personal and sincere.

State-of-the-Art Facilities & Capabilities

Fully Automatic Mesh Welding Lines from Europe
Automated Shear Lines for Rebar Cutting from USA and Europe
Automatic Double Benders from USA and Europe
Automatic Link Benders from Europe and Japan

Meet Our People

Facilities and equipment count for nothing without a strong team

At BRC Asia, we pride ourselves on having a driven and competent team that is equal parts customer-centric and quality-focused. Leveraging the depth and breadth of our combined experience, we develop cost-effective solutions that enable customers to save on time, labour and money.

We are quality-focused…

… and customer-centric.

We provide bespoke steel reinforcement services and solutions for all of your project’s requirements. Be it cut-and-bend reinforcement bars, welded wire mesh, prefabricated cages or fencing solutions, we have something for your every need.

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