6-Storey Industrial Factory at Senoko

Project Status: Completed
Project Type: Industrial
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By using BRC’s prefabricated solutions, builders managed to reduce the overall duration of construction by 4 weeks.
Year of Completion
18 Senoko S Rd, Singapore 758089

In the first cast of a beam and slab structural system, which was done by manually tying loose bars, it took 8 workers 11 days to complete the task.

Completed beam with top bars and stirrup capping.

Technical specifications: Large beam of 10m (W) x 12m (D); with slab both ways, top and bottom; Total weight of beams: 65 MT; Total weight of slab: 37 MT

Total no of days taken using non-prefabricated methods: 11 days by 8 workers

Total no of days using BRC’s prefabrication solutions: 4 days by 8 workers

Time saving

Installation of the 7.8 MT partially prefab beam took just 15 minutes.

For the second cast, the beams were partially prefabricated with stirrups and bottom bars, while the slab rebars were converted into single directional mesh. Overall installation time for each cast was significantly reduced by 7 days.

Slab bars were converted to single directional mesh for quick laying.

Slab bars were converted to single directional mesh for quick laying. As compared to the first cast which was tied manually and took 11 days to complete, the second cast was completed within just 4 days.

“Using BRC’s prefabricated wall, column, beam reinforcement as well as slab mesh allow me to reduce the overall construction duration by 4 weeks and earlier completion of the project.”

Vincent Ong, Managing Director, Jinmac Pte Ltd