Mixed Development at Yishun Avenue 9

Project Status: Completed
Project Type: Mixed Development
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Prefab panels improved efficiency of steel fixing for the storey shelter wall by 10 times.
18 Yishun Ave 9 Junction 9 Shopping Mall, #02-50, Singapore 769098

For this mixed development at Yishun Ave 9, there was a requirement for reinforced storey shelter walls to be installed.

墙体分成 17 块钢筋预制板交付,并存放在现场以备随时安装。
安装钢筋预制板只需要 3 名工人。

Technical specifications: Storey shelter walls of 8.6m (L) x 3.3m (W); Total weight: 5.6MT

Productivity using non-prefabricated methods: 32 manhour/MT

Productivity using BRC’s prefabrication solutions: 3.2 manhour/MT

Productivity improvement
The reinforcement for each storey shelter was completed in just half a day.

While the reinforcement for each shelter wall would have typically taken 5 workers 3 days using conventional tying methods, builders using our prefab panels were able to lay the 17 panels required in just 6 hours.

Furthermore, this was done with just 3 workers, amounting to time savings of 2 days for each floor of the development.

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