Precast Balcony for Condominium at Sengkang

Project Status: Completed
Project Type: Private Residential
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Customisation of mesh to a specific shape and configuration allowed precasters to save not just time, but also reduce material wastage.
Project Requirements:
Sengkang, Singapore

The requirement for this particular job was to provide steel reinforcements for irregular-shaped balconies in a condominium project.


Following the specifications for precast balconies with cantilever connection, we delivered reinforcement mesh in the exact shape and configuration required. As there was no further cutting on site required, workers were able to complete the remaining task of laying mesh and fixing loose bars within just one hour for each balcony set.

Technical specifications of precast balcony: 0.18 MT of reinforcement per set

Total material savings
The remaining task of laying mesh and fixing loose bars took just 3 workers an hour to complete.

By tailoring the mesh to exact specifications, the project developer was able to achieve material savings of 6%.

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